The kitchen is at the heart of every home; it’s where meals are shared, dreams are planned, and memories are made. At LA CUISINE gourmet, we are dedicated to helping you create a kitchen for the heart of your home. That’s because appliances are our business, and knowing everything about them, is our passion!

Whether you’re looking to buy a range, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, or a washer or dryer, a lot of questions go into the decision of which one to buy? Should I go with gas or electric? Is stainless steel for me? Which washer and dryer will save me more money on electricity every month? I want a designer refrigerator, but am I sacrificing quality for design?

If you’ve ever gone to a big box store, you know many of those questions go unanswered by sales associates who are taught just enough to get an appliance out the door. At LA CUISINE gourmet, we know the answer to all of these questions, plus thousands more. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, our appliance experts have answered them all… really!
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